TownHall Builder - Interactive Presentation Software


“Who are you as a leader? What deeply held values underlie your approach to leadership? How can your leadership draw the most from your team?”



Applications of Townhall Builder:


Townhall Builder is available in three configurations:


1. As fully-developed programs: TeamEverest, PolarLeader and Leaving Everest.


2. As a custom package linking your messages and learnings to a compelling story of your choosing. The possibilities here are almost endless, ranging from a custom modification of one of our simulations, to the creation of a completely new event to meet your explicit training objectives.


3. Or as Townhall Builder Developer License: A powerful presentation platform capable of supporting any message and learning process you want to deliver, employing your own media and interactive designs. Given our narrative & experiential expertise, Townhall Builder is especially well-adapted to story-based participatory workshops and events.



TownHall Builder Features



  • All presentations are built on a timeline that allows real-time editing during an event. This includes, insertion, deletion and reordering of media events and interactions, even pull video in from YouTube – all live.


  • Customize and save timelines for different audiences, durations and content


  • Dual display – separate facilitator screen allows tracking and editing of timeline while participants view output on their own monitors or on projection screens


  • Unprecedented interactive capacity – allowing real-time interchange between participants and facilitator - participants can affect outcome, receive feedback on their choices - to build a uniquely dynamic experience for all


  • OnTime visualizer gives facilitator constant visual feedback about progress against the planned timetable. Allows inspired departures from script and the opportunity to make adjustments to the remainder of the program to meet hard time targets


  • Dynamic text screens; onboard virtual flipchart with spell check


  • Capable of delivering multiple media formats: images, slideshows, video, sound, text and animation


  • Jukebox audio feature allows for creation of a playlist of walk-in-walk-out music, ambient background music, as well as the linking of narration and music to specific slides with built in loop and fade options


  • Asset library for drag-and-drop convenience in adding media elements, and experiential activities to your timeline


  • Context-specific notepad – reminders, script elements and guidance can be saved next to the relevant slide and viewed during your presentation.


  • Onscreen timer for countdown timing of decision sessions, discussion and breakouts


  • Synchronized Run Sheet literally can save hours of recalculating timing based on changes to the agenda. The Run Sheet feature updates automatically with all changes to timing and timeline, includes space for logistical notes, AV notes and cues, exportable as pdf for easy distribution to event staff.