Storied Culture

Growing a Storytelling Culture


“If an organization is like a hive and the honey is what it produces – the sweetness is the stories.”

Mark Jenkins


The Storytelling Organization


Our foundational belief is that everyone in the organization is a story gatherer. Every person from volunteer to staff to board member needs to develop an eye for story and the curiosity that can home in and ACTIVELY participate in creating a great story. What follows is the ability to disseminate stories. For this to take place there must be an infrastructure that supports a storytelling culture; including what we call BardWork (Bardic Skills) along with simple ways to post & publish stories, books, news forums and all the social media tools that encourage & reward the gathering and disseminating of stories.


“I want to thank you so much for what you have shown me through the story coaching we’ve done together over the past few months, I will never see a presentation the same way. On your behalf I will call up CEOs and Presidents of the large organizations that I have direct access to and tell them they must use your storytelling coaching services. Take advantage of my offer, its real and I mean it.”


Anne Golden - President, the United Way of Canada


Storytelling Workshops


We have honed the art of delivering Storytelling Workshops to small and medium sized groups. These groups range from athletic organizations, advocacy groups, educational institutions and business teams both nationally and internationally. This is a hands-on approach to learning to tell the stories that leaders within your community or organization most need to be telling.


Each workshop is custom designed to fit participant’s requirements, time available as well as the unique aspects of your organization. Can be combined with Leadership Story Coaching to ensure deep penetration of key narratives.


Please enquire here with any questions or to request a proposal: