TeamEverest: Climbing on Storied Ground


“What I think participants are left with is that deeper insight they have, that leaves them in awe of what they've experienced and what they can accomplish. In future, they can connect to the experience as a reminder of their ability to expand their own capacities to meet new challenges.”

Jim Elzinga – Team Leader - Everest Light


TeamEverest is an interactive multimedia conference program that immerses participants in the true experiences of mountain climbers who have tested themselves in the highest and wildest places on the planet.

TeamEverest provides a compelling experience of what individuals and organizations can gain by facing seemly overwhelming challenges together. In doing so participants find themselves reaching beyond their limitations to achieve what they thought was impossible.


Building Storied Ground in your Organization


The key to TeamEverest is that while participants are having a good time and being spirited away on an exciting adventure, an adventure that emerges out of their choices and values, they are actually creating their own Everest story, building Storied Ground within your organization.


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TeamEverest has been designed to work with organizational issues, to build greater collaboration and to improve alignment among individuals as they strive to reach common objectives.


TeamEverest helps groups recognize and rise to a supreme challenge, thus supporting their joint ownership of an inspiring story of achievement.

TeamEverest can be used as one of an integrated set of strategic interventions to raise the performance of a whole organization. It is thematically and functionally congruent with Storied Ground’s suite of offerings.


TeamEverest will drive leadership messages deep into the organization in a way that is engaging, fun, and memorable.


    • Consistently Top Rated Conference Program
    • Highly Interactive and Participatory
    • Stunning Imagery, Video and Surround Sound
    • Computer Based, Facilitator Led Training
    • Consistently Top Rated Conference Program
    • Motivational and Inspirational
    • Builds Leadership, Values Alignment, Commitment and Team Skills Proven Track Record
    • o Built on an innovate facilitation platform called TownHall Builder which allows for unprecedented audience interaction and real-time customization

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