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For Keynote Speakers


For fifteen years we have been coaching individuals of exceptional achievements in the understanding of their own story and the art of storytelling. To discover that there are mythic and universal truths within your own life story is of lasting value, both personally and professionally. Most of our clients are either men or woman of action, who through our unique process are exposed to the patterns of meaning within their own experiences & adventures. These patterns of meaning are then crafted into the form a narrative that forms the foundation of a keynote; a keynote that is as inspiring to deliver as it is to witness.


Are you new to the speaking circuit and need a professional level keynote or have you been on the speaking circuit for sometime and need a fresh perspective on your story? Let’s talk about it.


For Leaders & Executives


“When confronted with the impossible, when asked a question that has no simple answer, when standing in front of an audience whose support is vital, the most valuable thing a leader can do is to start off his or her comments with the phrase….”Let me share a story.”

John Burdett – Leaders must Lead


One-on-one coaching is the most powerful way to draw out the essential stories you need to be telling.


Our practical, hands on approach ensures leaders learn the ten stories they most need to tell - in the shortest time possible. We combine this coaching with traditional tried and true storytelling training that has been adapted for the business audience.


With this repertoire of stories you will be able to respond to any speaking situation with confidence, skill and inspired words.


This approach is very different from working with a speech writer. These are your stories built from your own strengths, insight and experience so that who you are, how you act and the stories you tell are powerfully and deeply aligned. This also gives you an unprecedented ability to speak off the cuff or recombine messages and stories to suit any occasion.




Every person can find their roots in traditional storytelling, as stories and storytelling have played vital roles in the adaptability and maintenance of every human culture all the way back to the stone age. The Celtic Bards were preeminent in their training and abilities as storytellers.  

BardWork is an approach to learning & telling stories within an organization that combines some of the traditional elements of Bardic training with the best of what is innovative and compatible with a modern audience. Mark Jenkins is a master storyteller and coach who has developed this process during twenty + years in training some of the most accomplished athletes and business leaders, many of whom now call themselves Bards and Storytellers. 




 “Way-Points are the hidden structure of the souls journey as revealed through the greatest stories every told.” 

Soulpreneurship is a storied process of uncovering the threads of your story in order to reveal the experience of meaning and purpose in your life and then transform that meaning into conscious knowledge, an authentic path and product.


Soulpreneurship finds the universal patterns in your story that reveals your work in the world then, together with Bardic Coaching, integrates those stories into a presentation that communicates your vision – if need be in an interactive way using TownHall Builder.