TeamEverest provides a compelling experience of what individuals and organizations can gain by facing seemly overwhelming challenges together. In doing so participants find themselves reaching beyond their limitations to achieve what they thought was impossible.

Polar Leader

PolarLeader is the story of a race through a hostile landscape between two starkly contrasting leadership cultures. Roald Amundsen and Captain Robert Falcon Scott could hardly be more different – they each have strengths and weaknesses, they each make errors, in Scott’s case fatal ones, they each have their own measure of success.


InCourage is an experiential learning and coaching company that offers services that provide sustainable solutions in the areas of leadership development, team effectiveness and organizational transition. InCourage transforms companies by bringing out the best in people. Through unique, tailored learning processes, In Courage helps people tap into the courage they need to change and grow. The result is engaged employees, effective teams and inspirational leaders who support a culture of innovation and long-term success.

Heroic Hearts

Founded in 1993, Heroic Hearts was born in the boldness and success of two pivotal events that formed the core values of their organization: Jim Elzinga utilized his abilities as a leader and motivator to take the Canadian Everest Light expedition to the top of the world. In extreme conditions, Jim’s small team pioneered a new route up Everest. Simultaneously, Jim worked with a major financial institution with its own Everest to climb. The expedition became a metaphor for the conditions, the skills, and the spirit necessary to achieve superlative results.