Leaving Everest


“When one door closes…Another one opens.”  






When one has been to a mountain top     

One has only to come down again     

So why bother in the first place?     

Just this....     

One climbs...

One sees     

One descends...

One sees no longer     

But one has seen     

There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions     

By the memory of what one saw higher up      


Rene Dumal - Mount Analogue    

On a true-to-life expedition to Mt. Everest, participants find themselves caught in a life and death battle between a military-style leader and seemingly angry mountain Gods. Following a difficult decision some team members withdraw from the expedition and in doing so they begin an adventure beyond anything they dreamed possible. 

Part Everest, part Mecca, part Meru; Mt. Kailas at 22,028 feet is the most revered mountain in the world. It is a solitary giant rising up from the Tibetan plateau into the clouds. To this day Mt. Kailas remains unclimbed. Yet millions of people have walked the sacred outer Kora for over a millennium. It is a spiritual journey etched in stone, a place of profound mythic significance, a sanctuary of rock and the largest natural temple in the world. Traveling the Kora is a journey to higher ground, a rare glimpse of ultimate reality and oneness. 

In the true sense of a pilgrimage from Everest to Mount Kailash, we can expect to embolden our callings, understand the demons we face and strengthen our clarity of purpose through spirit at work. We will venture to many waypoints that have deep inner significance. We’ll share our tales of false summits and lost treasures and let go of stories that no longer serve us. Perhaps we’ll learn new ways of being and inspiring as we share our stories of power and our struggle for humanity in this fear filled place and time.  This will be a weekend of facing the challenges of climbing to higher ground, of discovering our higher purpose and returning to the lower regions (home and the workplace) with renewed vision and strength.