Experiential Interactive

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”




Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience. We do something, take action, then reflect on the experience and integrate the learning. The experience becomes a “living textbook” that we can refer to again and again. 

Interactive learning is the process of making meaning collaboratively with others. The process is similar, except the action takes place between and among us, and the learnings are internalized both individually and in our organizational culture, whether that is our community, our business or our family. 

The combination of these approaches has proven to be extraordinarily effective over a wide range of applications.


The Storied Ground Approach


Naturally, Storied Ground’s approach is to immerse participants in a powerful, engaging story, to challenge them with choices, with ambiguity and risk, so that it becomes their story and their experience to reflect on and integrate, to refer to as their own “living textbook” following the event. 

Our first EI application, TeamEverest, emerged from the realization that multimedia technology had evolved sufficiently to create simulations of deeply engaging experiences that would serve highly-motivated audiences in organizational and business contexts. It has been a remarkable success for us, for our partners, and a vast range of clients. <link to client list?>


Customized Focus


These applications can be focused and customized to meet specific strategic goals, for leadership teams, sales forces, cross-functional encounters, and large conferences. 

The technology has of course continued to evolve, and we have recently completed a major upgrade and redesign that makes our Experiential Interactive applications more engaging and responsive than ever. 

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