Storied Strategy


“Man's earliest organizational forms were created, nurtured, and indeed were transformed through story.” - John Burdett  




Stories are at work in your organization – from taming the rumor mill, to influencing brand perception – from creating an inspired workplace to leading through turbulent times. Stories become reality in every aspect of business.


Narratives are sets of stories that by tacit agreement define the way things are. Any change initiative must address these tacit agreements – these underlying stories about how things are. A good story or metaphor can shift perception, build trust, inspire confidence and lead a team through turbulent times. But a good story is not enough. There must be a sense of shared story creation. This is at the heart of leading through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


We have combined our story experience and innovative products like TownHall Builder & TeamEverest to create a series of narrative Town-halls that guarantee genuine participation and engagement with your storied strategy.