Four Directions of Collective Intelligence


“This is a place of maximum creativity, connectivity, innovation and effectiveness – a place where goals are met, visions are reached and dreams realized.” 

Mark Jenkins


4Doi & Navigating Change


In navigating organizational change it is tempting to over focus on a particular direction to correct imbalance. But in our experience this only creates another situation of imbalance in a pendulum swing from resistance and reaction to resistance and reaction.  We believe that all organizational initiatives must satisfy the following criteria in order to achieve sustainable change along with a greater wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness.


The following Four (Simplified) Directions model maps the criteria that must be satisfied:

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People will resist change initiatives that focus in one, two, or even three directions, because there are people whose needs are primarily met by the missing directions. When each of the Four Directions are pursued openly and simultaneously then there is much less resistance. The change initiative will be experienced more like a “coming home”.


If a leader is perceived as unidirectional in terms of their perceived profile and by their choices and priorities they may be respected but they will not be trusted. One important facet of trust depends on whether the leader can change directions when circumstances call for it. Without this capacity to approach challenges from multiple directions the leader will struggle with issues of trust and enlistment. Essential to our Story Coaching and Bardwork is a grounding in the Four Directions of (Collective) Intelligence so they become second nature.


Applying 4Doi 

Four Directions of (Collective) Intelligence can be both a highly focused single-purpose tool, or it can be used with other tools and services in a strategic intervention to build organizational collective intelligence, effectiveness and alignment. 4Doi engages people in a process of self-discovery through group experiential exercises that are integrated with a customized assessment tool. This story coaching process leads to the delivery of stories by organizational leaders, which further imbeds the model in the organization and builds trust and cooperation. Our vehicles that are designed to support this process are TeamEverest, PolarLeader and TownHall Builder. These tools have the Four Directions of Intelligence built into them. 

A further stage to this process is the application of the 4doi tool to the creation of collaborative networks and new product incubators.


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A power shift is underway, a shift that is partly due to communications technologies that leverage a group or organization’s collective intelligence. This creates a power based on the realization of a collective vision through multiple perspectives; a power with rather than a power over; a power where differences are not wrong but part of the circle that makes us more effective together; a power that does not bend to extremism – where uniqueness, tolerance & curiosity are celebrated and where exceptional communication and teamwork define the norm. As a result, time and energy are conserved, people care about what they do and mistakes are kept to a minimum.


Imagine a process that:


  • Enables people in your organization to see themselves as vital to the big picture.
  • Encourages people to see their differences as leading to strengths.
  • Points the way to each person’s greatest avenue of growth.
  • Turns adversaries into allies & allies into mentors.
  • Transforms a culture of silos and separation into one of alignment and connection.
  • Ensures each new initiative is embraced and reaches its highest level of effectiveness.
  • Virtually eliminates resistance to change.
  • Makes everyone feel valued and important to the overall enterprise.
  • Enhances or restores trust in the collective leadership of your enterprise.


You are imagining a new kind of intelligence.


The Four Directions of Intelligence www.4doi.com.


Now imagine that once this tool reaches a critical mass within an organization it adapts itself to new challenges and becomes self-sustaining.