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In identifying the stories leaders must tell, we arrive at the nexus where the power of communication and the leadership journey converge.”

Mark Jenkins

Storytelling is a critical leadership skill. The power to build authentic connection with and among your listeners will make you a more inspiring and influential leader:


• Do you want to instigate new behaviours in your organization?

• Would you like your whole organization to be gripped by the vision you articulate?

• Do you need an unprecedented level of alignment and commitment from your team/ organization?

• Is it essential that you inspire and enlist the best from every individual in your organization?

• Would you like to know how to turn resistance into creative contribution?

    - Expand your influence by raising the bar from bullet points to engaging, meaningful narrative;

    - Discover your own tales of power that will transform your leadership;

    - Learn how to choose which story to apply to any situation;

    - Understand how content follows connection.


Our suite of services is designed to offer you a complete toolbox for accomplishing these things.


Storytelling Coaching

“In the myriad of storylines out there, we are in eternal danger of losing the tale that must be told over and over. The grail is lost and found again and again within each of us, and when we pick up the threads of our own lives and tell stories of courage and love, of self-sacrifice, and honor, of justice and compassion, and tell them through our own imaginations – it lives!”

Mark Jenkins


Story Coaching is a way to connect with your story so that it will clarify your purpose and inspire others. Your life is viewed through the lens of age-old narrative patterns that reach back to the time of the earliest myths. It is from these narrative patterns that meaning forms, this becomes our storied ground.


This raises our work from a job to a calling.


Growing a Storytelling Culture

“Community is formed only by shared stories, not by monologues. Empathic listening is followed, in time, by reciprocal storytelling. I know I have a place in the community not only as I hear and accept its stories but as it hears and makes room for mine.”

Daniel Taylor – The Healing Power of Stories


Cultural change initiatives often fall short of their lofty objectives. This is why a relatively inexpensive grass-roots storytelling approach is gaining favor. Storytelling creates a context for embracing change and can create many positive side effects.


I was once told that if you want to know whether a house will be warm during the winter you don’t look at the thermostat on the wall, you go into the basement and listen to the furnace. I think something similar holds true for organizational culture. If you listen to the stories that are being told formally and informally throughout an organization you’ll have a pretty good idea of the organization’s future health and success.


For leaders who want to realize the full benefits of a storytelling organization, we at Storied Ground are in a unique position to help. Our tools and services are designed to match organizational needs, whether you are a foundation, charity, not-for-profit or a business wanting to realize the fully potential of your organization through stories.

“People float in an ocean of data and disconnected facts that can often overwhelm them with choices. In this ocean of choice, a meaningful story can feel like a life preserver that tethers us to something safe and important—at the very least, to a trace of humanity that proves there is a “you” communicating with them, whether the “you” is yourself or an organization you represent.”


“In order to blend more humanity into every communication you send all you have to do is tell more stories and bingo—you just showed up.”


- Annette Simmons, “Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins”



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