The Storied Ground Website is Launched

June 2010

Designed as a portal site to a rich set of storytelling products and programs, Storied Ground moves from a large product development cycle to marketing and delivery.

News List

May 2010

ifreeflow is rebranded as a separate program – TownHall Builder.

Once TeamEverest was developed, facilitators realized the power of the platform for all kinds of interactive and experiential presentations. Thus TownHall Builder is born.

March 2009

The New Version of TeamEverest begins Beta Testing

All new video and truly integrated leadership coaching becomes a part of the new TeamEverest version and beta testing of the new program begins.

June 2008

ifreeflow goes Online

We always envisioned that TeamEverest and the other programs would eventually go online once the collaborative tools and bandwidth reached a certain level.

September 2007

ifreeflow comes into being

John & Mark form a partnership to create a new platform for all future experiential learning programs. A team of expert facilitators forms and creates a wish list that becomes iFreeFlow/TownHall Builder.

January 2007

Redevelopment of TeamEverest Begins

The flag ship interactive learning program TeamEverest get a face lift and then the team decides to begin from the ground up.

July 2006

Initial PolarLeader Design Meeting

Weekend event where Mark Jenkins invited John Stevens, Jackie Shaffer & Tim Dixon to Filly Lane Farm to put together the outline for a new Interactive Learning program.



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